10 Quick Tips Regarding Background Search

In case the report is delayed, you’ll find an email alert once the report is prepared. In health care, you understand the effect a high-risk worker can have on the safety of your patients and staff. ClearChecks is made out of an automated workflow to help save you time. You also understand the effect the ideal hire beenverified can make. Our system automatically handles the background screening process making it simple to manage. Acting as an extension of your group, we combine innovative technology, human expertise, and a healthy compliance obsession that will help you manage the screen-to-hire process.

Since our reports only need an email address to start, we take over and manage everything from there. After experiencing a decline in quality and too little communication from another background screening provider, CarolinaEast Health System partnered with Corporate Screening. Track applicant email opens & clicks. Together, the group built a screening program that exceeds expectations. Get notifications about report standing. We’ve got a duty to employ the best people for our company and we absolutely value having great information and a comprehensive background check. Our system automatically handles the background screening process making it simple to manage.

With [Corporate Screening] we constantly receive a quality product and they constantly keep our budget in mind. Since our reports only need an email address to start, we take over and manage everything from there. When the other screening services are checking the boxes, then we’re busy checking everything else. "Lion’s Choice selected ClearChecks to expand and developing with their group ever since! " Annette, Human Resources Lions Choice, Inc.. That means we dig deeper, doing anything it takes to secure reassurance.

Trusted by 1000s of Employers. Proprietary Technology. ClearChecks is a trustworthy partner for large corporations, small businesses, and startups. Adapting together with your changing requirements, our nimble software easily integrates with your current workflows and gives you real-time updates. Anywhere from 1 or 2 100,000 employees, we can handle your background screening needs. Uniquely Responsive.

Corporations. Our relationship-oriented service and availability by phone, chat, or email has made us a 98% client satisfaction rate. Make hiring and screening potential employees easier with our simple workflow and reporting programs. Compliance Obsessed. Small Business. Our staff stays ahead of regulatory changes, sharing information that will assist you make informed decisions regarding your background screening process. Easy-to-use pre-employment background checks.

Transparent Pricing. We help you maintain FCRA compliance and safely collect and keep your offender ‘s data. Depending on your own candidate and needs, we work together with you to select the right solutions that lead to clear billing, no headaches, and the ideal hire. Recruiters & Staffing. Fingerprinting & Background Checks. Add services and extra revenue by viewing placement candidates for your clientele. As authorized by law, criminal background information is provided for non-criminal justice functions, such as job screening and licensure.

Managing applicants and bills are a breeze. The fee-supported applicant program has grown dramatically in recent years as Congress and the Legislature continue to expand background check requirements. Hire delivery drivers and monitor on-demand ride sharing contractors. Our personnel processes approximately 85,000 applicant fingerprint cards and conducts approximately 32,000 name based background checks. We offer a full MVR & driving records in all 50 states.

Non-law enforcement, non-criminal justice agencies and individuals may receive documents preserved by the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) through the methods outlined below. Services & Trades. Additionally, it provides criminal history checks for personal queries. Keep your clients safe. Idaho code 67-3008 (6) says "A man or private agency, or public agency, aside from the division, will not disseminate criminal history record information obtained from the division to a individual or agency that’s not a criminal justice agency or a court without a signed release of the subject of record or unless otherwise provided by law. " Screen in-home service employees, such as plumbers, electricians, pool cleaners, landscapers, and much more.

Fingerprint Services. Ensure to know who’s watching your kids. Fingerprinting services can be found at 700 S. Run an authorized criminal history check that includes sex offenses and sex offender status. Stratford Dr., Suite 120, in Meridian.

Retail & Hospitality. We accept cash, check or charge card payments. Handle both fulltime and part-time retail & hospitality personnel. This does not include the background-processing fee. We offer an choice to include drug testing, available nationally, with any report. If you are needing fingerprint services beyond the Treasure Valley, please contact your local police department or sheriff’s office.

Hospice & Assisted living. To request this test, submit a complete set of rolled fingerprints on a candidate fingerprint card, our Fingerprint Criminal Background Check Form (Changes to sort ) such as our Payment Authorization Form, and required payment. As you provide care for loved ones and manage drugs, ensure that your attendants are conscious of criminal records and screened for drug misuse. Fingerprint cards should include: Subject of document ‘s name (print), alias names (including maiden and previous married names), current address, citizenship, descriptive information, date of birth, location of birth, reason to be fingerprinted, and signature of individual being fingerprinted. Dispensary. The date must be within 180 days of the fingerprint test submission. Screening employees in regulated industries like cannabis is critical to mitigate reduction of stock and maintaining state licenses.

Payment Method. API & Integrations. The mandatory fee for a fingerprint test is $20.00. A modern API to integrate background screening. We’ll accept payment by cash check or credit/debit card. Looking to integrate with your ATS, HCM, or perhaps inner system? No problem.

There’ll be an additional processing fee of $1.00 plus 3% of the entire trade for all payments made by credit or debit card. Get in touch with our staff to find out more about our integrations. Our Payment Authorization Form should be completed and sent to us along with the fingerprint card, the Fingerprint Criminal Background Check Form and required fee. Contact our partnership team to find out more about our Developer API. Please make sure to follow the directions on all kinds.

Our Core Values. Requests with lost data and wrong payment amount will be returned. We understand the importance and impact of our work. The petition may be hand delivered or sent to the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). Our core values drive our daily decisions in our product, technology, and client support. Please keep in mind, BCI does not telephone or fax results. When it is pricing, products or process, you’ll find a straight answer with no games or gimmicks.

Name Based Background Check. Our customer service will provide clear and concise answers to complicated problems in terms you understand. To request this particular check, submit a finished Name Based Criminal Background Check Form and required fee. We work to never leave applicants or clients imagining. Be aware it is not unusual for criminal offenders to use alias names and false dates of birth, which could adversely affect the completeness and precision of a non-fingerprint based search of the Idaho Criminal History Repository. As a Consumer Reporting Agency, our obligation is to reality.

Idaho law does not require a waiver. We take pride in getting reports right. Nevertheless, without a waiver, some arrest over 12 months old, without a disposition, cannot be given to some non-criminal justice bureau. This promotes fairness in the hiring process and ethics in our products and platform. The signature date on waivers must be within 180 days of the name check submission.

With laser focus on fairness and ethics, it allows ClearChecks to be neutral arbiters of truth. Payment Method. When it is our work force, our clients or your applicants, promoting an environment of empathy is mission essential. The mandatory fee for a name based test is $20.00.

Consumer reports may be embarrassing to discuss.